Multiple video servers feeding theĀ 17 projectors were just about to kick of for the first time. It was an incredible installation project to light the walls of the night club as a part of interior decoration concept we consulted on and then executed. The 3D Mapping Show would kick of the evening every night to later synch with the VJ console.

We were asked to co-design the 360 projection system that would be a main feature of the interior design of a night club in China.

An irregular wall with indents, various shapes, planes and heights posed quite a challenge. A request to integrate a VJ console into our system was another issue we initially struggled due to possible incompatibilities of formats and resolutions. The 360 projection required multiple projectors and media server. With so many projectors the resolution of the videos went far beyond 8K when 8K was not as easy as it is today.

We designed the system and successfully integrated 17 projectors to lit the 360 perspective. Every night at 10 pm, the 3D projection mapping opened the night and then and then the whole venue was changing its deco thanks to the integrated VJ console system. The system automatically switched to the VJ console. The beauty of that was that the VJ could bring their own laptop and just plug and play on all 17 projectors with images stretched around the walls. The results were spectacular. The 3d projection mapping became an everyday show to kick of the night. The size of the projection was around 7 x 3 meters. We also custom designed a VJ console to integrate with the VJs Mac computer so that the visuals could stay in the room all night.

Watch the video here:


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