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Defining your brand and proper positioning renders trust and builds relations with your clientele.


Digital and offline marketing mix to promote your brand and reach new clients.


Core strategy ensures right deliverables on all levels. 

Outdoor 3D Projection Mapping

Outdoor 3D Projection Mapping surprises audiences by transforming seemingly ordinary city landscapes and architectural structures into the most exciting spectacles.

Indoor 3D Projection Mapping

Bring stages and custom-built structures to live. Mapping on live models, mannequins or products of all sizes, from cars to shoes, to enhance marketing or a product launch.

Hologram Shows

Hologram is a three-dimensional image created by photographic projection. The illusions produced may look like floating in the air.

Live Shows

Music, art and other acts may function as stand alone events or be a part of larger ones.


Event planning, production and execution.


Fashion Show Production

Fashion show choreography and production.

Web Development

Website development often comes as an extension of our branding and marketing services.

Digital Content

Digital content constitutes puzzles of an overall marking and social media campaigns. 

Video Production

Short videos for social media, professional commercials and music videos.

Night Club Design

Interior design of night clubs including high end sound and lighting technologies.

Multimedia Space Design

Creative and retail space design. 


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences. 

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