Hong Kong Film Award Association runs their gala every year, which is a local equivalent of Oscars. We were honoured to cooperate on creative concept, production and execution of the gala night kick-off gimmick.

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We were given around 100 Hong Kong top films to select short scenes from. It felt like a film marathon but it was a great journey back in time that gave us another opportunity to appreciate the Hong Kong cinematography. We selected all time favourite scenes and composed them into a 3D mapping spectacle adding 3D dimensions to the show. Stage mapping always presents challenges on many levels. We needed to take into consideration any discrepancies between the design blueprint and the real stage. Fortunately, this time, the stage was built according to the measures on the design files. This particular stage though consisted of elements at different distances to the projection system which meant we risked the out of focus effect. We anticipated the issue and made sure the distances would not exceed the reasonable focus points and additionally compensated any possible issues by the choice of graphic styles and colours.

The event was attended by Hong Kong cinema experts and top artists including Jackie Chan. It was broadcasted live in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. It surely made an impact as we have seen some of our Chinese competitors putting our show on their website and claiming the authorship.

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