There is always an adrenaline boost when you have to press the play button on a media server for the real show. Having over a hundred people, TV crews and the big boss in the audience you know media servers are just computers that can hang any time because they just do. It was the first night of a show in Huis Ten Bosh, Japan, a show that we worked on for over three moths.

We offered to design and produce the show that would appeal to the audience from the youngest to the elderly.

The building was a beautiful European design with a lot of details. It was quite a challenge to create an exact replica without a 3D scanner or proper cad drawings of the facade. Additionally the uneven surfaces, windows and details made the task even more difficult. With an effort, we managed to create the model and produced a mini model for testing in our office. To make the show (and our lives) more interesting we decided to make it a mixed reality projection mapping with real people in 3D environment. To do that, the actors were shot against a 12 meters wide green screen to reflect the exact width of the building. The project took place in Japan and we knew time and quality were of utmost importance, after several weeks the show was ready and went on as scheduled.

“Glimps Into The Future” was a great show. It included real actors and a specially designed robot character who was the key element of the show. It was not easy to satisfy the boss but in the end we were pleased to hear: “We wanted a surprise and you really gave us a surprise”.

Watch the video here:

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