Sitting in the Asian headquarter of the IAAPA, we were discussing the possibility to kick of the Beijing Trade Fair. This was supposed to be one of the best kick of ceremonies ever in the history of the exhibition in Asia.


It was the second time in our 3D mapping adventure that the room was filled not with regular audience, but the experts in the entertainment industry. We faced this challenge for the first time when we were executing the 3D projection mapping for the opening of the Hong Kong Film Awards Gala. The room was then filmed with film industry experts who were just to experience the 3D projection mapping show that showcased top Hong Kong films. We wowed them. Could we do it with a room full of experts in the entertainment industry who spent all their professional career building them parks and attractions? Was there anything that could surprise this crowd?

The intricate desing of the stage and the close distance of the audience did not make it easy, but we managed to produce the visual effect that reflected the spirit of the event. The transition from traditional carousel to a modern rollercoaster made an impact. Furthermore, the host of the evening had his “five minutes” in the show. First he “followed the white rabbit” (a concept that we borrowed from Alice in Wonderland) and then he appeared in the limelight upon the finale of the projection show.


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