The 2 meter heigh book was coming from behind the stage panels and as soon as it locked its position, the projection mapping started and models came our on the stage.
Task: It was a part of a bigger show, the book element was to serve as a presentation gimmick to enhance the experience and fix the memories.

There were a few variables that had to be very well controlled. The book prop book had to be created with the right angles and proportions, the models had to be exactly on time and the book had to appear on the stage at the exact location as in the rehearsal. We created a mock up of the book at our office to rehearse the sequence.

The book rode out on the wheels and was  lit as soon as it reached its position. At the time of the production, projection mapping was not often performed with people interacting with the visuals so it definitely brought a new perspective to what projection mapping could offer.

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3D Projection Mapping is still an top notch way to impress your audience. Get in touch with us and we may assist you with the concept design, production and execution of the show at your venue or event.

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