We were asked to co-design the interior of a night club in China. The client asked for something that he had never seen before. We proposed a 3D projection mapping on a sculpture. After the show, the sculpture would hide away and in its place a DJ booth would appear.

Inspired by terminator, we modelled a 3D head and created the storyboard around it. The biggest challenge, given that the project was done in China where precision is not the best quality, was to create a sculpture in relief that will match with the 3D model we created. Fortunately, the face turned out to be almost perfect. Another issue, was the proper design of the mechanism to hide away the face and slide the DJ booth in its place. We achieved that by using motor controlled installation with movable panels. Finally, we made sure that the projectors we used were nigth club atmosphere (smoke, lasers etc) proof. Not all projectors perform well in such environment and some of them have much shorter life time if installed in the club.

The results were spectacular. The 3d projection mapping became an everyday show to kick of the night. The size of the projection was around 7 x 3 meters. We also custom designed a VJ console to integrate with the VJs Mac computer so that the visuals could stay in the room all night.

Watch the video here:


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